Bitcoin Bankathon Playbook

Welcome to the Bitcoin Bankathon playbook, where you can find the steps to succeed in this hackathon. From links to documentation to workshop videos - it’s all here.

  • 1Register your
    team on devpost

    Go to and click on “My Projects” in the navigation menu and then click “Create Project”

    After naming your project, scroll down and enter your teammates emails to invite them to your team.

    On the Project dashboard, you can describe what you're building, which challenge your solution is addressing, and what technology you’ll be using.

  • 2Join us
    on discord
  • 3Harness your Toolkit and take
    advantage of workshops

    Check out all of our workshops below.


    These are some RSK tutorials to help you get started with the RSK smart contract platform.


    During this session, participants split into break out rooms to receive feedback from hackathon mentors from different backgrounds.


    What Custodial Solutions Are All About

    In this workshop led by Sanath de Mel from Qredo, you’ll gain an understanding of how Custodial Solutions are applied within the Financial Industry and how the Fund and Wallet architecture works.


    How to Build a Smart Contract

    This workshop by Mesi Rendón – the CTO of Tropykus – teaches you how to build a simple contract-based application using Solidity.

    This is an intermediate level workshop and participants should have knowledge of at least one modern, high-level programming language as well as basic knowledge of what blockchain is.

  • 4Register on the Banco
    Hipotecario Sandbox

    Got to and register an account to:

    • Access 470+ banking and management APIs
    • Experiment with localized test data
    • Call Qredo APIs
    • Refer to API Collections creates for the hackathon
    • Save APIs as favourites
  • 5Get active
    on Social Media!

    Share your hackathon journey with the world by using the #BitcoinBankathon hashtag on social media. Remember: the most active social media supporter who belongs to a team will snag the Social Media Hero prize!

  • 6Join us in El Salvador
    (if you can)!

    From December 6 - 8, we’re welcoming you to the #BitcoinBankathon venue - Hacienda de Los Miranda - in El Salvador.

  • 7Practice
    your 3-minute pitch
    • Each team gets 3 minutes to present their prototype to the jury - use them wisely!
    • Judges will then have 2 minutes to ask you questions about your application.
  • 8Get to know
    the judging criteria
    • Completion:How much progress is being made.
    • Viability and potential:Is the idea viable as a long-term business?
    • Challenges:To what extent are the challenges met?
    • Usage of APIs:To what extent are the available tools leveraged?
    • Technical Excellence:How well does the app use (cutting edge) technology?
  • 9Submit
    your code

    Provide a link to your code on devpost as well as a video explaining what your application does.

  • 10Demo
    your app

    Demo your app in front of the jury. If you’re not joining us in El Salvador for the live pitches, you will be able to do this online.

And most importantly...
Enjoy the ride

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

In this video: The Bitcoin Bankathon starts with a blast at the opening ceremony on November 19th. Here we introduce the hackathon program, the challenges, prizes and more!

For any questions
Join us on discord